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SABERSABOR offers you guided tours, experiences, getaways and stays related to cultural tourism y gastronomy, enotourism, accessible tourism, ecotourism and nature, creative tourism y traditional tourism y family tourism in Castilla La Mancha.

Personalized tours in all enclaves, towns and cities in the provinces of Ciudad – Real, Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete y Guadalajara.

Everybody can have fun and learn something new with SaberSabor!


Tourist groups and excursions


Friends of Culture and Nature


Travel Agencies and Tour Operators


Associations and Collectives


Persons with reduced mobility


Families and Individuals


School and University Students


Public bodies and businesses


Experiences, guided tours and activities for all audiences. Creative, sustainable and accessible tourism

Trips and destinations

A different way to travel and discover Castilla – La Mancha, Spain and the World


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About us

Unleash your curiosity and let yourself be guided by the most stunning Culture and Nature of our land with SaberSabor


Enjoy, live, discover, share, admire...

All these terms define whatCultural Immersionmeans to us: the possibility of fully integrating into the place one is visiting and of living enriching experiences together or alone in a unique and stimulating environment.


5 Reasons to choose SaberSabor

  1. Porque tenemos certificación SICTEDde calidad turística en destino.
  2. Because we are licensed and experienced guides and instructors
  3. Because you will discover, thanks to our services, that gastronomy and enology, history and archaeology, art and literature, ethnology and crafts, religion and legends, nature and science, festivals and customs… always go hand in hand
  4. Because we tailor our activities and experiences to your needs
  5. Because you will really get to know the land of Don Quixote: La Mancha

5 things that motivate us everyday

  1. We promote a sustainable and quality tourism, respecting the cultural heritage and the environment
  2. We try to achieve accessibility for all, without exception
  3. We try to create opportunities for the full labor integration of people with different abilities
  4. We try to promote local products and craftsmanship
  5. We try to know our past, understand the present and invest in the future

Activities for everyone, and if you can’t find yours, you create it!

Do you need a guided tour or an activity with a specific duration, schedule or date? You are in the right place. We arrange it for you according to your tastes and needs. Contact us!

We also dispose of a company vehicle for your tourist and cultural tour of La Mancha with SaberSabor.

  • On Demand 100% 100%
  • Weekends and Stays 55% 55%
  • Gastronomical Tourism 49% 49%
  • Accessible Tourism 50% 50%
  • Cultural Tourism 89% 89%



  • Enotourism 40% 40%
  • Ecotourism and Nature 60% 60%
  • Family Tourism 91% 91%
  • Creative Tourism 30% 30%
  • Activities for Educational Centers, Schools and Institutes 55% 55%


Razones para descubrir Albacete, la Nueva York de La Mancha

Recomendaciones para perderte por sus calles, plazas y jardines; visitar sus principales centros culturales; y disfrutar de su gastronomía…

Letur, la joya del Segura

Viajamos hasta Letur, uno de los pueblos más bellos de España, con un impresionante patrimonio cultural y natural…

Qué hacer un fin de semana en Ciudad Real

Planes para disfrutar al máximo de un fin de semana en Ciudad Real… ¡Consulta todo lo que puedes descubrir aquí!

Por el Camino Natural del Guadiana

Un recorrido por el inmenso patrimonio ecológico, histórico, cultural y paisajístico de los territorios de la cuenca del río Guadiana.

Riópar y las Reales Fábricas de San Juan de Alcaraz

Una escapada para descubrir el patrimonio cultural y natural de Riópar, el río Mundo y las Reales Fábricas de San Juan de Alcaraz.

SaberSabor Blog Cultural Immersion

Enjoy, live, discover, share, admire… All these terms define what Cultural Immersion means to us: the possibility of fully integrating into the place one is visiting and of living enriching experiences together or alone in a unique and stimulating environment. We want you to feel that you are an important part of the environment you are visiting. That is why the creative experience and the discovery in itself becomes the most important memory of our travels.

Consultancy Services

Planning and Development of Activities
  • Study of the local facilities for the creation of activities
  • Planning, organization and management of visits for travel agencies, tour operators, individuals, groups, companies, associations, collectives, school children, university students…
  • Preparation of the content for guided tours
  • Creation of support materials for public use (brochures, publications, messages, etc.)
  • Workshops with artisans, painters, chefs, bakers, musicians, etc. promoting Creative Tourism in the region
  • Production of interpretative panels and signs
For Businesses
  • We add value to your business idea in your locality, municipality or city
  • We help companies to open their doors to visitors, turning visits into an effective marketing tool
  • Routes and activities as an incentive for teambuilding
  • We help city councils and public administrations to invest in the tourism resources they have and to manage them in a sustainable way
  • We develop plans to boost and promote tourism, strategic plans based on the territory’s own resources
  • We have a positive impact on the local economy by increasing the tourist attractions in the region
Online Communication and Marketing
  • Planning, development and evaluation of online marketing campaigns
  • Planning, development and evaluation of Social Media plans
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Community Manager for Social Media
  • Corporate image and identity
  • Photo and video
  • Augmented Reality Projects
  • Virtual Reality Projects
  • Photos and videos made with drones



If you need to contact us you can do so in the following ways:

  • By filling out the contact form on this page.
  • By sending an e-mail to
  • By telephone o whatsapp number: +34 617 25 08 21
  • In C/ Tordesillas 105, Tomelloso. CP 13700, Ciudad Real.




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